I See You

I See You

A messenger of the divine and unseen
Flying through the air after visiting your dreams

I caught your eye with the hope
That you’d stop and think about your approach

Focus, vision, intense intention,
Perspective, guidance and direction

Determination demands no distractions
Patiently waiting, but swift to action

-The Hawk




In the context of a new design for living, I believe accountability is an obligation to answer for one’s actions.

In the past, I was always accountable to my wants. I took what I thought I deserved at any cost. That way of living has become incompatible with the life I seek. I must be accountable to something more than myself. Accountability becomes my responsibility to live in balance with the rest of the Universe.

This responsibility is two-fold. It is corrective. When I react negatively to a person, place, thing, situation or circumstance, I must take ownership of what I do. If I do harm, I fix it. I use my fellows to help me gauge where I have fallen short and I look at what needs to change in me in order for me to exist at peace with you, them, myself and the larger Universe. I am human, wonderfully flawed, and I will fail. This corrective measure is a sound means for repairing the damage I have done. When practiced daily, accountability allows me a relatively clean slate to build on each day.

Accountability also has another component, one of vigilance. This is a continuous, pre-emptive mindfulness that, when practiced well, keeps me from creating wreckage that I will eventually have to clean up. Often my focus is on damage control instead of damage prevention. I operate without a filter and I am careless, causing unintended harm. If I can walk with guided grace, instead of moving through this life with no concern for anyone but self, perhaps I can perserve healthy, harmonious relationships in this life. Self-awareness and self-appraisal keep me from creating problems in the first place.

I must be both, vigilant and corrective in all my interactions throughout the day.

Show me how to do no harm.
Help me repair the harms I have done.
I am accountable.


I Feel Everything

I feel everything, unanesthetized and completely.
I know some sensations are powerful, and unmanageable.
I am fascinated by these emotions and the control they attempt to exert over me.
I acknowledge each feeling with detail.
I scrutinize their impact on my being.
I give each one brief attention and the recognition it demands.
I feel everything, unanesthasized and completely.
I seek to understand the origin of these emotional responses as symptoms of my internal condition.
I admit that these feelings are mine.
I accept they are there.
I am confident they will change with time.
I feel everything, unanesthasized and completely.
I recognize these feelings for what they are.
If the sensation does not serve me, then I refuse to serve it.
I let this moment be as is- temporary, fleeting and not a final fact of my existence.
I release that which I cannot control.
I inhale the tranquility and exhale the agitation.
I feel everything, unanesthasized and completely.


I am a person who…

I am a person who…

I am a person who was selfish
-I thought I knew best
-I wanted what I wanted
-I cared only about myself
I am a person who was resentful
-I blamed others
-I held on to anger
-I justified my actions with excuses
I am a person who was dishonest
-I twisted reality to suit my wants
-I was incapable of telling the truth
-I didn’t want you to know that I didn’t know
I am a person who was fearful
-I hid my fear
-I fought or ran away
-I was scared of more than I was willing to admit

I am a person who is selfless
-I give freely
-I don’t live with entitlement
-I am equal and the same as you are
I am a person who is forgiving
-I practice love and tolerance
-I don’t hold on to the past
-I treat others as I would want to be treated
I am a person who is honest
-I balance my words with compassion
-I share, open and forthcoming, without lying
-I differentiate between my feelings and the truth
I am a person who is courageous
-I have healthy fears
-I know my faith is stronger than my insecurities
-I live free from that which I cannot control

I am a person who is not who I once was



You are standing at a wall,
Boxed in.

Every path you have ever tried,
Every plan you’ve had,
Every decision you have made,
It all has taken you Here, right Now, where you stand.

You cannot go under.
You cannot go over.
You cannot go around.
There are no more short cuts.

The only way to where you must go is through.
Through the pain,
Through the fear,
Through the Unknown and unfamiliar,
Through yourself.

You will chisel your way through this or you will die.
Your way does not work.
There is no other way but through.
Time to get to work.

You are standing at wall,
Exactly where you are supposed to be.


Praying With Our Feet

Praying with our feet-

Prayer is an intentional action, not a magical result conjured from a wish.
Once invoked, it requires the willingness to act.
Prayers are defined by how we walk through life.
We must be ready, realistic and reasonable.
We rise to meet the Universe, and miracles materialize in our lives.
In Universal time, on Universal terms, according to a Universal plan.
When we work, prayer is manifested.
We start humbly on our knees, then put our feet on the floor, stand up and get to work.

~ S.D.

From Shouting to Whispers

That loud familiar voice booms, clamoring for attention and recognition…
My designs and my desires.
What can I get?
What can I take?
Will I have enough?
Will my needs be met in some form or fashion acceptable to me?
The quiet whisper reassures me all will be OK.
I can…
I am…
I will…
When I listen, hope is always present, like a faint heartbeat reminding me I am alive.
The whisper calmly overcomes the shouting and the silence becomes deafening.
Faith is undeniable and everything is exactly as is it is supposed to be.
Thank You.


Bon Chance

Freedom from the grudge is a step closer to forgiveness

I want to apologize for letting you hurt my feelings.
I assumed we had a mutually beneficial relationship. With that assumption I placed unrealistic expectations on you.
When those expectations weren’t met I was hurt.
I release any resentments I have had towards you and harbor no ill will.
I wish you luck on your journey and pray you find that which you seek.

~ S.D.


Peace is the break I get from myself.
Peace is the quieting of selfishness, resentment, fear and dishonesty.
Peace is freedom from worldly clamor, chaos and calamity.
Peace is being balanced, grounded, centered and even keeled in the Now.
Peace is serenity and acceptance.

I will make time to embrace all forms of peace in my day.