The Day, I Accept.

When I retire at night, I review the day. I inventory a daily balance record and see what I could have done better. I have a specific set of questions I practice, designed to increase self-awareness. I express gratitude for what is and prepare to go to sleep.
While all of this is essential to healing and growth, the most essential part of the night follows. The key to ending each day for me is having the willingness to be done.
If I am not willing to be done with the day, then I am stuck looking backwards and not living in the present moment. The night is the time when body and mind recharges, while the subconscious journeys without bounds.
If I am stuck in yesterday, then I am not living in today. I must make room for new wonder and fresh experience by stepping from yesterday into today.
I release my regret, my failure and my remorse to the Universe to manage for me. I also give back my accomplishment, my success and my achievement. They are by definition part of me so there is no reason to cling to them unnecessarily. I am preparing a clean slate each day to build new experience.
I have learned from this day. I am grateful. And now I am ready to be done.
Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow never comes
There is only today
The next 24 hours can begin right now


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