The New Comer and the Old Timer

The New Comer and the Old TimerA new comer showed up, defeated and broken, at their first meeting. From the back row, he listened intently to an old timer speak.

The old timer spoke of how he used to drink and use. He talked of what he was like, what happened and what he is like now. He offered hope and a solution- a new design for living that sounded attractive. He even volunteered his guidance and direction.

The new comer took suggestion and graciously accepted the offer of sponsorship. All went well for a while. The man with multiple years walked the new man with only a few days, through the steps needed to bring about recovery from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. Life was good.

Then one day the old timer came to the very same meeting where they had met. He was visibly distressed. Filled with resentment and fear, he was tired and ready to be done with all of the feelings that overwhelmed him. The sponsor was thinking perhaps a bottle or a bag might bring him some much needed relief.

The new comer recognized the familiar suffering and struggling for exactly what it was- the old timer’s hopelessness had returned. The new comer took his friend aside and sat with him.

At first he just listened and then he spoke, “I have been where you are, and I have a solution…”

The solution is helping one another.
Time is insignificant.
All we have is today.
We are all uniquely qualified to offer hope to those who have none.

A kindness is never wasted~ S.D.


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