A Liar and a Thief

Born of unmanageability and lack of trust, Fear, when left unchecked, is a liar and a thief.

In its extreme, fear tells me that I will lose something I think I need or that I will never get what I think I want. Self centeredness intertwines with fear and the result is an ever-growing snowball of insecurity and dishonesty. Fear is symptom of my lack of trust. I live the lie and fear prevents me from differentiating the true from the false.

Without balance, fear is a thief, robbing me of any chance I have of existing grounded in this present moment. Fear anchors me to the past, holding my thoughts and feelings hostage to a time that no longer exists. Fear can also catapult me into the future with overwhelming anxiety of what may or may not occur. I am afraid to surrender to the process that is life. Instead, I focus only on outcomes. I create probabilities and illusions that don’t exist in reality. If I only only exist in the present, then fear steals hope and any chance of serenity and peace in the Now.

Fight or flight are the two most basic, instinctive reactions to  my inability to control and manage this type of crippling and paralytic fear. Yet, fight or flight are not the only options. The solution for lies in a Power other than myself. The belief that my thoughts or feelings are not a powerful as I once asssumed. The solution lies outside of self centeredness. Faith in something more than what I comprehend is the bridge from fear to freedom.

Freedom from fear is living honestly and with  acceptance of what is. Truth will destroy the liar. Letting go of the what was, and what could be, takes the power away from the thief.

I may never be completely free from fear, but I can walk past fear with courage. I continue on this path away from the lair and the thief.

~ S.D.


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