Tradition 3

Tradition of Desire… And Participation

Desire is paramount to adopting a New Way of Living. It begins with a willingness to be and do more. It is said all that is needed to begin is a merely thimble full of willingness- an honest desire to change beyond what we think we know.

Desire, on its own, is simply a ticket in the door. All are welcome and a seat has been reserved just for you. But to be part of the Whole, more is required. Desire is not enough. We cannot be left wanting.

This New Design for living is determined first, by a realization that we are born part of something greater. Secondly, there is an innate understanding that being a part of the larger Universe relies upon our participation in it.

A decision is only as strong as the follow through. We must be responsible to more than ourselves. It is our duty and obligation. We must do.

The Universe is calling to us every moment, begging us to act. We move in Good Orderly Direction, together on a path of healing and growth.

Do not talk of desire.
Show desire through action.

We pray with our feet.



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