Tradition 4

Tradition of Independence

In the spirit of independence, we have the right of responsible autonomy. We are run by self and operate as independent entities. Our freedoms are limitless to the point that they encroach on the freedoms of others.

We exist as individuals, we group in expanding and overlapping circles of connectedness. Each circle is perfect unto itself; but all are part of a larger circle encompassing the whole.

We tread unbridled and free with compassion, attentiveness and awareness that our actions do not negatively impact one another.

We are complete,  connected and free on our own, but each individual is just a small cog in a much larger machine. Every part integral to proper, balanced function of the rest of the Universe.

It is through our independence that we love and respect the freedoms of others and   honor the Whole.

Respect my circle as I respect your’s.



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