Tradition 8

Tradition of Giving

The solution to my old way of living was given to me freely, it is now my duty to share that same hope with anyone who seeks it. We do the next right thing without compensation or reward.

A spiritual economy shows us that the material realm and the spiritual realm should remain separate; and in the tradition of Giving we are reminded that we give, not so we can get, but simply because that is how we live. We don’t sell a New Design for living, it sells itself. The only thing it costs is willingness and action.

Service will be inconvenient. Service gets in the way of my selfish nature. Service uses up the resource I value the most …time. Yet it is through giving the things I want and the things I think I need, that I am released from the bondage of self.

The cure for selfishness is selflessness.
The cure for my problem is your’s.
Help me to help myself.



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