Tradition of 11

Tradition of Attraction

At work, I am in sales but my approach is not that of a salesperson. I make evaluations and offer options. Don’t tell my boss, but I am not trying to sell anyone on anything- advice is free. In terms of service to my fellows, I take the same stance. I am not selling myself or any material product. I am offering help, free of charge.

I present my experience and the solution I have found. If someone else identifies and finds hope in the message, then I offer my hand.We cannot be the providers of willingness  or force anyone to do anything.

We are not seeking converts or disciples. We don’t want anything from anyone. We receive no material gain for our service. We are living examples of a New Design for Living. There is no promotion of any cause. 

In accordance with the tradition of Attraction, we practice genuine spiritual anonymity. We don’t take credit for the principles of the whole, we remind ourselves that we are simply spiritual conduits of something greater than ourselves.

If you are attracted to what we have, and are willing to go to any length for it, then you are ready to do what we do.

I want nothing from you.
I am a human among humans.
What I am is what I will attract.

~ S.D.


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