In response to complaining of fear and melancholy,  my sponsor asked me to write a list of what I need in a relationship. A huge list of qualities and qualifications came to mind.

As I sat with these ideas whirling around in my tiny, little man-brain, I forced myself to be honest. I realized that I don’t need anything in terms of a relationship. The fear and sadness I feel comes from what I want…what I think I “need.”

In all reality, I have everything I need.    My discontentness comes from thinking that something external will somehow placate my internal condition and make me feel better in this moment.

I am whole and complete even when I don’t feel satiated. I seek shortcuts and quick fixes in attempts to mask the way I feel. I perpetuate a lie, trading acceptance and serenity for ever-elusive instant gratification, which is rarely instant and even less gratifying.

The truth is I want what I don’t have right now.
The truth is I am a little sad and a little afraid.
The truth is I am just fine despite myself.

~ S.D.


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