I want…

There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting. Want can be the basis for hopes and dreams. Want can usher me out of procrastination, anger and fear. It is this driving force of desire, that when coupled with action, can breathe life into vision.

Problems arise with wanting when I confuse wants with needs or cling to them unnecessarily. I am shortsighted in terms of the role I am here to play. Myopic perspective keeps me from seeing the larger picture. I focus on self and what I presume is best for me. I become blinded by my wants.

Wanting, in it’s extreme, is lack of trust that the Universe will keep me safe and protected, no matter the situation or circumstance. My personal investment in outcome can be skewed by expectation, entitlement and demand. At it’s worst, wanting can spiral out of control, mutating into obsession. I must balance my desire with acceptance and humility. 

It’s completely reasonable to envision what life can be and to work towards a goal. The aim must be to temper what I want with what the Universe presents. There must be no attachment to results, only gratitude for what is.

I seek to be liquid in wanting,
investing in the journey not the destination
I strive to be patient,
waiting with grace
I am in action,
working toward a vision past self
Not in my time
Not on my terms
Not according to my plan

I will do more than I will want



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