On Tradition

Tradition is a conduit through which we stay tethered, connected to history. It is a sum of the customs, beliefs and values that we pass down through time. Traditions are the offspring of practices that have given birth to a New Design for Living.

We are the children of a New Way of Life and the living embodiment of sacred tradition. Like any child, I must be allowed to grow and develop, while staying true to the legacy from which I was born.

I am the steward of freedom, brought forth from hopelessness entrusted with a solution for living which is proven to transform reality.

I am a harbinger of healing and growth, who’s sole purpose is to be of service to those about me.

My birthright is my blessing and my curse. Insignificant opposite the whole, yet uniquely qualified to pass on this torch of hope.

Let me be a reflection of those who came before me.
Guide me with direction and purpose.
Make me a custodian of faith.

“…we must work together and hang together, else most of us will finally die alone.”



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