What’s the point?

“The point is we are willing to grow along spiritual lines. The principles we have set down are guides to progress…”

7 years sober, I look at my life now that drugs and alcohol are no longer my solution, and have found my self asking, “now what?”

While I continue to be willing to grow, sometimes it’s hard for me to measure my own progress. I am reminded that the guide I need to use to determine my growth is the extent to which I utilize specific, fundamental qualities as a code of conduct for my behavior in everyday life.

I just completed the “Tornado” exercise with a friend. The assignment looks at unmanageability in the life of an alcoholic/addict now that we have some time sober. The experience has been an excellent barometer of where I am at in life and where to go from here.
The process was humbling and reaffirming at the same time. I have grown. I am not the same person I once was. I am finally able to live up to many of the ideals I have always wished I could be true to. Conversely, I want to continue to grow towards harmonious balance within myself, with others and the Universe around me.
The real success of reassessing where I stand is developing a tangible list of where to go from here.

Today, I commit to writing something each day with the hope of growing closer  to the person I want to be.
Today, I put both feet on the floor, hit my knees and start this day with the reminder that each moment is a blessing and a gift.
May my words be inspired and my feet follow in the same direction.



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