Step 7


She usually appears at dawn or dusk. A magical time when it is neither day or night…

Quiet and unassuming, she minds her business, foraging gently with intent.
Soft and timid, I think I have her figured out.

Listening and attentive, she feels each vibration of the earth.
Attuned and observant, I realize there is more to her than give her credit for.

The Rabbit moves through fear with a healthy respect for the unknown. She is intuitive but cautious; never paralyzed with fear. Her response is innate and reflexive.
Movement in the right direction.

She is a symbol of harmony, fertility and growth. The Rabbit is small but vital; insignificant on her own but essential to the whole. Her example is focus and connectedness.
Inseparable from the environment.

The most humble of creatures, the Rabbit teaches me to grasp  the moment and take advantage of a fleeting chance.  She is another reminder that luck is that place where preparation meets opportunity.
The Universe presents itself and my purpose is to act. The Rabbit shows me that I am part and parcel of something that is greater than myself.

…and as suddenly as she appears, she is gone. Retreating to the comfort and safety of her warm burrow in the belly of the earth.



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