Step 11


There was a master meditator named Sage-Brah. He was known as the raddest dude ever, super spiritual & the most humble person 2 ever kick it.
Sage kept a superior diet of glacier water, kale, tofu & other mystic foods of the incredibly enlightened. He even created a hybrid form of crossfit-yoga.
Young compared 2 other gurus, Sage surpassed the 12 disciplines of coolness, using mantras, shakras, katas & tons of other really deep stuff. Women fainted, men tried fer a bro-hug & groms sported his hip gear. Sage was on his way 2 sainthood.
Filled with serenity, S-B knew, as a mediator btwn Universe & man, he would have 2 embark onna mission 2 teach the less-4tunate how 2b connected 2 the cosmos. He sought an untrained student 2 get right. He heard of a meager hermit on a island named Guy.
Sage traveled fer hours in his electric car 2 c this Guy. Taking down a siiiick ass canoe, S-B paddled 2 the lil hut on the island.
Guy invited Sage in & they drank tea. Sage-Brah was totes bummed cuz it wasn’t herbal but whetev. Talking a day, the holy man dropped dope knowledge on that Guy. Interestingly enough, Guy & Sage fully used the x-act same prayer in meditation, but Sage pointed out Guy broke it down in the wrong order. S-B spent the evening skoolin Guy 2 say it rite.
Finally, Sage finsihed his righteous work. Saying goodbyes, he paddled back 2 his low emission car. 1/2 way across the lake S-B nearly tipped the canoe seeing Guy walking ON the water next 2 him…

“Hey. Brah, you forgot your coat.”

The morale: You don’t have to be all Sage, any Guy can be next level & send it.



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