An addict asked a newcomer if he could borrow some money.

The newcomer was understandably hesitant, “if I loan you this cash, I know what will happen- You are an addict. You will take the money and you will buy drugs.”

The addict looked at him with desparation, “I swear on my family…I promise on our friendship…I am not going to buy drugs. I’m starving. I need food. Please. You know I will pay you back.”

Feeling the strong bond of fellowship and truly wanting to help, the newcomer dug deep in his pockets and gave the addict the last of his money which he couldn’t really afford.
The addict was very grateful. He thanked the newcomer and went on his way with a newfound exuberance.

Hours later the newcomer happened upon the addict who was obviously high.

“Dude!” The newcomer exclaimed, “You promised me you would get food and I really needed that money.”

The addict looked up at the newcomer in disbelief.

“Dude, ” The addict replied, “I’m an addict…that’s what I do.”

The question is not IF we give; the question is when and how.



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