For All the Moms

It doesn’t matter how much we recognize, respect or revere our mothers. No matter how much praise we give them, no matter how much gratitude we express, they will always be under appreciated.

Parenting, in itself, is an unparalleled gift. As a father, which is by far the most important job I have ever known, I feel that I only have a small glimpse of what it must be like to be a mom. I imagine only another mother can know how incredibly amazing motherhood is.

There is no way I can ever give motherhood the credit it deserves, and what follows is I end up taking all moms for granted. I forget to say what I feel. I don’t remind them how special they truly are.

They are the bringer of life.
They hold us.
They feed us.
They raise us.
They teach us.
They nurture us.
They love us when we are ungrateful, sick or simply cannot love ourselves.

And in return, we give them one day a year, when in all reality, they should be celebrated each and everyday. The unspoken bond between mother and child should be shouted from the rooftops.

Today, I proclaim this the beginning of Mother’s YEAR! Your only job will be to show gratitude in some form or fashion for a mother, each day for the entire year, through the practice of a kind and selfless act. The celebration will last from May 8th, 2016 until May 8th, 2017 where we will start again. I ask that you
all join me.

Let’s show these women how much we appreciate all they gave done and all they continue to do.

~ S.D.


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