The Walk

We had the best time.
We had walked together for so long, I didn’t keep track of the time or where we were headed. All I remember is how much I enjoyed the company.

I could tell by your step that you were getting tired. So I slowed my pace, not wanting the walk to end.

We had walked this path together not knowing where it would lead but enjoying every moment. We squeezed in as much as we could, resting between laughter and tears. Sometimes we trudged without saying a word, just walking quietly side-by-side.

The road began to look familiar. I think we were getting close to where we started. I was still not ready for our walk to end. I could tell by your breathing you were exhausted, but you kept on.

I look down and suddenly we are here, the very same spot we had said hello. A fork in the trail, where you have to go your way and I must find mine. Just let me enjoy your company a little while longer I is all I am thinking. But I can see it in your eyes, you know it’s almost time.

I am holding your hand. It’s ok. You can sit here with me until you are ready. My heart aches but I am not afraid. I know this isn’t goodbye. This is just a different path and I know I will see you again.

Take my love with you for your journey. I will hold the memories of this walk with you and our paths will cross when it’s time. I missing you already…until we meet again.



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