Investing in Time

I want what I want NOW
I want it in MY time, on MY terms, according to MY plan
But that is not how the Universe works

We are blessed with 24 hours in a day
We are gifted time
We don’t create it
Time does not belong to us

I think because I have a say in how I spend the gift that somehow I am entitled to it
A true gift is not based in what I think I deserve
It is a gift because I am not entitled to it

I am grateful for every moment I get to experience
I will spend this gift wisely
I will find a healthy balance between extremes
I spend what is given with care and thought

I don’t horde
I don’t waste
I invest in right-sized relationships with myself, my fellows and the Universe…

I know the cost of anything less or anything more, and I refuse to pay that price.



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