Musical Prayers

A sponsee said “I’m not sure how to do it”
“How to write a prayer, when my Higher Power’s Muisc?”

What’s it in that Power that gives strength when you would cower?
Stop and listen for a minute, meditation for an hour

Feel the rhythm, hear the rhyme in a song that transcends time
Take a second to just try it and then tell me what you find…

It’s a Universal lagauge, filled with inspiration
It makes your body move without intimidation

The lyrics that they said, were the same as in my head
And the beating of the drum is my heart when I feel dead

It can change a mood and attitude from resentment to “in gratitude”
When I listen to that song, how could I stay mad at you?

It something that is part of me so this just a start for me
I was lost but now I’m found, and Music is the key…



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