The Bottom

Pain, Growth &Willingness

I have heard advice
But I don’t always follow it
I can recognize wisdom
But I don’t always practice it
Suggestion and direction require me to be willing
The only thing stubbornness and self-will has ever yielded to and obeyed is pain

Pain proceeds willingness
Pain persists and eventually surrender 
Pain is motivation
Pain can be the touchstone to spiritual growth
…but life does not have to be painful…

Teach me to understand that I do not have to suffer in order to find relief
Show me that I do not need to be in pain in order to grow
Help me to continue to be willing, no matter the situation or circumstance
Remind me that I can heal right now, regardless of my external condition
Pain does not have to be the catalyst
I chose solution over waiting for more pain
I give all of me before I have lost all of me
I surrender without defeat

The bottom is 6 feet deep for everyone
The bottom is when I ask for help
The bottom is where I decide to stop digging



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