Forgiveness is

Forgiveness is something that I used to seek from “you” or “them,” but I have learned that true forgiveness is only something that I can give to someone else

Forgiveness isn’t a free pass for one’s action

Forgiveness is a decision to no longer carry anger, hate and fear
Forgiveness is a choice to accept that I am not fit to judge anyone
Forgiveness is the time when I no longer drink someone else’s  poison
Forgiveness is the cure
Forgiveness is freedom
Forgiveness is a gift that I give, of which, I receive the greatest benefit

Forgiveness realigns me with the rest of the Universe and brings me back into balance
I am not worthy of judgement and punishment
I give anger, hate and fear back to the Universe to manage for me. 
I will forgive, regardless if I am forgiven
I am free



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