Sick Like Me

I knew I was alcoholic in the womb. I know this is an AA meeting but I love shooting coke in my neck. I have 7 DUIs, flatlined twice and I too have abuse in my bottom. That wasn’t enough to stop me cuz I’m a sick f@€k. I have been to PRISON…IN SOBRIETY!!! I drink near-beer and only snort my Valium as prescribed. I just got my medical Marijuana card cuz I have anxiety and depression that I diagnosed on WebMD.
I went to my first meeting and was struck sober. Once I accepted our Lord and savior Jesus H. Christ in my life I didn’t  have to a work step. I have  7 months sober and 2 years clean. I’m picking up my 1 year chip now cuz I’ll don’t go to meetings that often.
I don’t sponsor cuz I have a coffee commitment. 
…And I’m STILL a crazy badass who will kill you if you mess with me. You are all my family- attitude of gratitude yo!
Oh and my dog died. Just wanted to process my feelings at group level and check in. By the way does anyone have any work and I’m look for a room to rent?

*comes in late, after the speaker, vomits problem with no solution on the entire group. Drinks 2 coffees. Has 4 donuts. Gets up to go to the bathroom three times, smokes outside the front door while his cell phone is ringing back at his seat. Doesn’t put anything in the basket and leaves after his share but only after writing down his number for a broken 19 year old girl one week out of treatment with no self-esteem*

Be careful what herd you insert yourself into…whole packs of animals are known to run off cliffs together…

All are welcome and you can keep coming back…

Or, you can just do what we do and stay…


3 thoughts on “Sick Like Me

  1. This was powerful. I am pretty sure this guy go’s to just about every meeting I have attended. 12 step groups are something I struggle with. My father is in AA and has 24 years I believe. He ruined any chance of AA or NA reaching me. Every time I enter one of the rooms, my memories drowned out any message I may have heard. Thank you for sharing this. You are very talented.

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      1. Thank you, I believe we all must find our own way. I cannot rationalise the higher power aspect. AA does great for many, just not for all. I enjoy your writings. I look forward to them everyday now.


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