“Spiritual” Principles

Practice these principles…

1] Acceptance~
•Requires willingness
•Facilitated by admission
•Comes after surrendering to what is

2] Hope~
•Having a solution
•The beginning of faith
•A belief that it is possible to move past the problem

3] Commitment~
•Having integrity
•Agreeing to follow through
•Making a decision to go to any lengths

4] Honesty~
•Getting to the truth
•Separating feelings from facts
•Self-appraisal without judgement

5] Truthfulness~
•Living in reality
•Sharing honestly
•The ability to be vulnerable

6] Willingness~
•Doing without reservation
•Being present and available
•Ready to do what’s necessary

7] Humility~
•Being right-sized
•Remaining teachable
•Being alright without knowing or having all of the answers

8] Reflection~
•Owning past actions
•Remembering without regret
•Facing one’s self and being willing to grow towards something more

9] Restitution~
•Righting wrongs
•Balancing the scales
•Owning one’s actions

10] Accountability~
•Responding not reacting
•Continued self-awareness
•Being responsible for one’s conduct

11] Attunement~
•Patient practice
•Growth towards something Greater

12] Love~
•Service and sacrifice
•Freedom from self
•Caring about others with healthy boundaries



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