The meeting topic was “a moment of clarity.”
I shared with a sponsee what it means to me…

If clarity means becoming clear, then there are many moments of clarity in my life, especially as it pertains to drinking/using, recovery and sobriety.
I describe clarity as the process of becoming transparent enough to see past myself…my biased thoughts and feelings. To be able to see past what I know as my “personal truth,”  differentiating between my perceptions and absolute truth.

To truly have clarity, it must be accompanied with a certain level of humility…If I am not right sized, with an accurate assessment of both my defects and my assets, then I am less likely to be “clear.”

With clarity inevitably I find gretaer acceptance of what is, rather than trying to shape people, places, things, situations and circumstance into what I would have them be.

Clarity, humility and acceptance work together…I don’t know which came first or which is more important,  but I do know all are essential to my healthy well being.

The solution for me, continues to be a program of action that teaches me how to “be,” through daily practice of principles I never knew how to use effectively in the past.

~ S.D.


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