The image that comes to my mind is that 70s poster with the kitten dangling that’s caption reads “Hang in there!”
For me, inspiration is an influence outside of self, that I identify with. Inspiration compels, motivates and bolsters my faith into an action.
My general understanding of the word inspire is that it means to receive the breath or spirit.
I receive influence and faith from many outside channels. I can see it in an image, hear in a song or from another’s words…sometimes things even come to me in a dream. 
To me, all of that is my Higher Power inspiring me. The more clarity I have, and the stronger my connection to my HP, the intensity and frequency of that inspiration is increased.
When I am clear and connected, inspiration can catapult me into new directions, reaffirm my faith and coax me into the next right action.

~ S.D.


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