The Breakup

I remember…people spoke so highly of you, I couldn’t wait to meet you. Curious, I befriended you. We grew closer everyday. We had so much fun you and I. We would laugh. We could be wild and crazy or just sit together in perfect peace and comfort.

Then, I fell for you… head over heels. So tumultuous and turbulent, forever chasing you. Soon it was just you and me, no one else was important. You became my everything, I thought I would die without you. I turned my back on everyone to prove my loyalty to you.

Slowly, I started to change,l…you became so controlling and jealous. Completely preoccupied with you, I couldn’t differentiate the true from the false. I knew you were the worst thing for me, but I absolutely could not let you go. Terrified, I cursed you. In return, you beat me… time and time again. But I still came back for more. I was sure this was how it always would be.

I couldnt hear it at first, but people kept telling me the truth. They said you were a liar, that you hurt them too… I was not the only one who had been decieved. Most importantly, there were those who had got over you and moved on. They were ok without you.

They showed me what true love could be like- more powerful and protecting than any I had ever known. A love that laid buried deep inside of me. A solution to the hole you left in my heart.

Now, I remind myself daily why we can’t be together. I have found Someone else. I have found a New Way of Life without you. I think of you from time to time, but I am not angry at you.

And you know what?

I dont miss you at you at all. I thank you for all you have shown me and I let you go for someone else to love.

Goodbye to the Bottle
Goodbye to the Bag



4 thoughts on “The Breakup

    1. Thank you so much!
      It’s my real story, just written in a general way…tried to make it sound like a universal break up so more people could relate. The plot twist at the end was, for me, the breakup was with the bottle and the bag…although I have had plenty of breakups with women as well…the relationship with the person or the substance is so similar…its gross that, in the past, I had given so my of my attention to relationships with substance.
      I just followed you. Looking forward to reading your work.



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