While You Can…

Sitting in my hometown outside of Foster’s Freeze

One with 15 days
One with 3 days
Three loaded
…and me with 7 years of sobriety
All the same, but on varying paths, standing at an unlikely crossroad

I see myself in all of them:
-Getting well and watching life change for the better
-Knowing to get high is to die, wanting to trust that there is another way
-Stuck, resolutely resolved that there will never be anything but what is

We discuss booze, dope, the latest hustle, family and fallen friends…and the possibility of something different
The sun is setting and the cold begins to nip
I go to my warm, but empty home to contemplate what I was like, what happened and what I am like now

Every single one of us who suffer from this illness will stop drinking and using…one way or another

Try this path while you can



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