Have a seat

Went to an interesting meeting.

A guy tried to pick a fight with me over my choice of seats. It was an unclaimed seat, one away from where he was originally seated. The whole thing made absolutely no sense to me what so ever.

I let him get in my head and allowed it ruin the majority of the meeting for me. I spent the entire time trying to reason and make sense of what his problem was.

By the end of the meeting the guy had announced to the group that he was drunk.

Now that was something I could understand.  There was no “reason.” I was so caught up in trying to make sense out of nothing. I was so selfcentered that I couldn’t see past myself.

7 years sober and my first reaction is one of defensiveness, ego and not wanting to back down. I guess I have some work to do in the tolerance department.

Tonight, I pray for compassion and understanding for those who are as sick as me.



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