The Sobriety Chip

On his sobriety anniversary, a recovered alcoholic received a most beautiful sobriety medallion.

It was the most amazing sobriety token any meeting had seen…ever.  It was encrusted with glowing jewels and its golden shimmer was almost hypnotic.

The special coin was the talk of the entire fellowship and the man beemed with pride when anyone asked to see it. Because it was so important the man would spend hours polishing his most prized possession. When the sun bounced of the chip it would radiate and it’s sparkled would catch the eyes of passersby.

Soon the word got out to the rest of the world, and normies began to clamor. The man was asked to travel, displaying his fancy treasure and talk about how he had overcome so much adversity to become the great man that stood before them all.

For awhile the man enjoyed his fame and success. He even began to hang out in places he had vowed to never return. Then one day he could not find his magnificent chip… It had been stolen!

Suddenly, within minutes, he was no longer the center of attention. He looked around and his fellow alcoholics were gone. He had no connection to the joyous fellowship that had shown him an incredible new way of life. He no longer had his mentor who had guided him in the beginning back when he was so lost. He had not grown in his connection to a Power greater than himself which had always kept him safe and protected. He was as lost as he ever was.

Feeling desperate and alone, the man sought relief the only way he could remember…

He drank…

…stay connected.

~ S.D.


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