We are not the things we have done
All of the actions we have done in your past, up to this moment are amendable
There is nothing that cannot be repaired with help from a Power greater than ourselves.
Today we start with a clean slate
We give a canvas to the Universe, on which to paint the masterpiece we were intended to be…

~ S.D.


2 thoughts on “Amendable

  1. Interesting. The way i came/come to terms with it is I am the entirety of things ive done. That i am the end point of all ive done and been; so God was the only way i could be relieved of my addiction, as well, live a different life than i had been. So in God i proceed, and if problems of sny sort occur then it is my appeal to God that shows me then what i should do about it, or how to come to terms with it.


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