Catch and Release

When I feel overwhelmed,  stressed or out of sorts this helps me on occasion-

Remember to plant your feet and anchor yourself to this moment in the Universe

Breathe in deeply, from your nose to your toes

Know that the seconds are fleeting and they will pass, flowing through you

Your feelings are temporary and liquid

Secure your tether and know your roots hold you safe

Visualize looking at yourself from the outside

Examine each feeling without trying to control them

Take each thought and scrutinize them objectively

Take the ones that serve you and give the rest to the Universe to manage for you

Force yourself to laugh and say:
“I remember, that familar feeling…I recognize you. You have made yourself known. I have felt you and I am ready to embrace another feeling now. Thank you for reminding me of your power, I am ready to move forward.”

Remember to breathe and know that you don’t have to fight

And always remind yourself-
If your feelings become too much for you to manage in this way, you can reach out to someone else who has felt the same and found a solution for those feelings…



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