Justified Resentment

An old timer and a new comer sat in their homegroup waiting for the meeting to start. As the two waited, an addict junkie stumbled into the meeting.

The two glanced at eachother briefly. This was a closed meeting for Alcoholics only, and neither had seen this new man before.

Without a word the old timer introduced himself to the addict and offered him a cup of coffee. The newcomer scoffed and was visibly annoyed.

The addict stayed for the beginning of the meeting, but he didn’t identify as an alcoholic and had no desire to stop drinking so he left. As he excused himself he gave a nonchalant nod to the old timer.

The newcomer brooded through the entire meeting. He was so put out he refused to share and approached the old timer directly after the meeting.

“This is closed meeting,” he reminded the old timer. “Why did you offer him a cup of coffee? You should have sent him on his way.”

The old timer chuckled, “I said goodbye to him when he left, but you continue to sit with him even now that meeting is over…”

***While one can agree or disagree with the actions of the old timer, the real lesson in this story illustrates the importance of living in the present moment. When we hold on to resentment and “justified” anger it blocks us from our usefulness and effectiveness. If we can let go of what doesn’t serve us and focus on the present, we can find a new level of serenity and acceptance.

~ S.D.


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