Got $20?

A drunk was stumbling down an alleyway…again. He was at that place we call the “jumping off” point. He knew he couldn’t drink again, but he also knew he couldn’t stop. 
With all the desperation and hopelessness of a dying man he called out to a God he wasn’t sure existed.
“God help! I can’t
stop.  Please I will give you anything if you save me from this existence.”
A calming voice came from the darkness of the alley, “you got $20?”
“God?” The man replied.
“Yes. Do you have $20?”
“Uh, yes but I need it for gas for my car.”
“You have a car?”
“Uh, yes I use it to take my kids to school.”
You have kids?”
“Uh, yes they are at my house.”
“You have a house?”
“Uh, yes my wife is waiting there for me.”
“You have a wife?” God made the man an offer, “you give me your wife, your house, your kids, your car and your $20 and I will take away your obsession to drink.”
The man thought long and hard. The price seemed steep but he knew he could no long go on living this way. He reluctantly conceded and gave everything to God.
God was pleased. Then he told the man, “Now I will give you My wife, My house, My kids, My car and My $20…treat them as if they were Mine.”

This has been my experience.  I gave everything I thought was “mine” over to God with the hope that I could just be well. He has given each and every thing back to me in ways I could not forsee. I have exactly the money I need, nit always the amounts I want. I have a car to drive, it’s a company car from work, not the one I lost. My kids are back, they aren’t the same babies I turned my back on but they love me for all I am…and all I am not. They live in the house I built, I stay in a small one bedroom apartment.  I have my wife back too, she’s re-married but she is the best friend I could ask for and we raise the beautiful children God has blessed us with, together.

It doesn’t come the way I think it should look or when I want it; but, when I trust in God I find everything in my life is a blessing.

~ S.D.


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