Do you:
1) Work steps out of the Big Book?
2) Work with others, reading directly from the text?
3) Can you show another person where is actually “says that in the Big Book?”
4) Do you make clear distinctions about what is your great idea and what is actually written?
5) Do you speak up when someone tries to pass off their experience as part of the program written in the book?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you too may be a “dreaded Big Book Thumper.”
Don’t worry,  as long as you have love and tolerance for others, it will be ok.
It’s very easy to fact check a Thumper…all you need is a copy of the book and a little patience…

I LOVE your experience, strength and hope…just as long as you aren’t teaching others your perversion of something that really doesn’t need fixing by any of us…If any of us develop our own brilliant solution, we are always free to go start our own program and write our own book.
Me? I’m tired of “coming back,” this time I’m here to stay!!

~ S.D.


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