3rd and 7th Step Prayers to G.O.D.

3rd and 7th Step Prayers to a Group Of Drunks/Druggies

My Fellows,

I surrender
I don’t know about God, but I know You are just like me
I want what You have
Whatever You do, I must do too
Show me how to live
I turn my thoughts and my actions over to the care of this Group
Let my healing and my hope be testament to others I can help
Fill me with Power,  Love and a New Way of Life
May I carry this message always

***BEGIN STEP 7***

I still am not sure about this whole “God” concept, but I am here to stay
Welcome my for who I am, my defects and my assets
Help me not to act on those qualities that foster division
I look for similarities instead of differences Today
Teach me to be of service to this Group and the rest of the World
Grant me Strength when I am weak
Make me a living example of Sobriety and Recovery
Let me carry The Message in all I do

Thank You,

~ S.D.


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