What Would You Do?

If I Had Cancer…

Would you just expect me to flip a switch and feel better cause you wanted me to?
Would you blame me or blame yourself?
Would you consider me weak?
Would you tell me to get over it?
Would you ask me to act different?
Would you tell me just try not to have cancer?


Would you have compassion and understanding?
Would you hold me until I felt better?
Would you help my family until I was better?
Would you rally support for my wellness and care?
Would you help me find treatment?
Would you help me get through the inevitable pain I would be facing?

…Now, what if I told you I suffer from the disease of addiction?



5 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. I guess some people are getting their feelers hurt.
    I am not saying cancer is “like” addiction or that it is better or worse, or even comparable.
    The point of the post is about having compassion for people who are sick.

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  2. That sucks that they feel that way. I understand completely. The surgeon general and CDC has classified addiction as a disease. The surgeon general recently likened it to any other disease. Oh and by the way it can be fatal. As you see by experience there isn’t any compassion either. I recently wrote a post dealing with some of these issues. I would love for you to read it. Please be kind, we don’t think exactly alike but that is OK.


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