Take my advice, I’m not using it…

Do you really want advice from an alcoholic…practicing or recovered?

I have got advice for days…In fact my best thinking damn near killed me.

What I have to offer is my experience,  strength and hope with the relationship I have with a Power greater than myself, which I found in AA , thanks to my sponsor, my fellows and the steps.

I am now uniquely qualified to take another person through the steps, so that they too can have a personality change sufficient to bring about recovery from alcoholism; and in turn, they can help others.

That’s how I was taught to sponsor. Anything else I “offer” you, please, take it with a grain of salt and be very, very careful of any of my good ideas…

On my own, I get loaded…”my” program…the default setting I operate from is fear-based, selfish thinking. I will always suffer from a spiritual malady.

My HP keeps me sober…I have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body…I practice a new way of living… THE program works!!!

~ S.D.


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