An Easy, Softer Way

Who am I to pass judgement on another person’s recovery?
If what they are doing works for them, then is that not recovery?

Bless them, bless their program, bless their sobriety.

If anyone finds that their program doesn’t work, I pray that he or she finds THE spiritual program of action outlined I found. It works for seemingly hopeless people like me.

Use me as an agent to share my experience, strength and hope with living life an easier, softer way
Help me deliver the good news to the newcomer that, not only is there a substitute, but that there is a solution
Left to my own devices,  my personal design for living, even when I am sober, is insufficient to overcome powerlessness and unmanageablity without aid
Teach me humility,  patience, tolerance and understanding
Show me how to live as a daily example of Grace and Faith

Thank you all for one more day,



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