My versus The

MY Program-
I do what I want. Take some, leave the rest. A few meetings and get in some sober bowling, softball or pool. Get someone to call sponsor. Do steps 1-3. Act the same, like a sober horse theif. Try not to drink or use drugs no matter what. Remember relapse is part of what we do.  Cater to my feelings.  White knuckle and hold on to my seat for dear life.  Gets me about 4 months of dry time, then invariably I will drink or use again.

THE Program-
Follow DIRECTION.  Not my plan or my way. Steps, service, sponsor, Big Book, meetings AND conscious contact with a Power Greater than myself. Do it ALL…not just what I feel like when I feel like it. Surrender, diligence, accountability and perseverance…hope, faith, courage… Nothing I came up with on my own. A complete personality change sufficient to overcome alcoholism…RECOVERED from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body…ceased fighting anything AND anyone, even ALCOHOL…has yielded 7+ years of continuous sobriety…As long as I follow a simple set of RULES (not suggestions)…I have YET to see a person fail who has thoroughly followed this path…

MY program gets me loaded.
THE program has kept me sober…

~ S.D.


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