On Slogans

We, who have put together a few sober days in a row, must realize that “just not using no matter what” is not as easy as it sounds for someone who has not yet found THE solution…

The solution is found in a complete personality change, a spiritual awakening, sufficient to bring about recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

If we have found that solution then we share it with those who are still struggling. To tell an addict or an alcoholic to “put the plug in the jug” or just “not pick up,” is not a solution. It is irresponsible and can have deadly consequences.

If “just not drinking or using” was enough there would be no need for AA. “Nothing, no matter what” is only part of the story. Half of a solution will kill a real alcoholic.

When I was new, all I could think was- “don’t use no matter what? Sounds good, but how the heck do I do that? If I could do that I wouldn’t be here…”

Slogans are cute, helpful and filled with truth but they are not the solution…

~ S.D.


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