October 20, 2013

5 years ago today, I came…
I woke up in a treatment center…again. No kids, no job, no home, no self-respect, no hope. I knew I wanted to stop. I knew I couldn’t drink. I knew I couldn’t use. I just didn’t know how.

5 years ago today, I came to…
There were people who drank and used, just like me, who were sober. I accepted that I was beat. I surrendered to King Alcohol and Queen Crack. I gave up my power of choice and let others make healthier decisions for me. I could no longer be trusted to manage and control my own life.

5 years ago today, I came to believe…
My way didn’t work. I turned my will and my life, my thoughts and my actions, over to the care of a Power Greater than myself. I didn’t know how it would look but I believed that if it worked for others then it could work for me…

And my life changed.

Today, everything thing in my life is a gift, good or bad, I am blessed. I have done many things incorrectly in recovery. I have been lost, scared and afraid. I have hurt others but always tried to set it right. The only thing I have done perfect is not drink or use.

Today, I have access to a Power Greater than myself that manages my life and gives me strength when I have none.
Today, I have my kids, a job, a home, self-respect…And I have hope.

This day, October 20th, 2013, not only do I celebrate a new life but I celebrate my kids, my family, my friends, the fellowship, my sponsor and my Higher Power.

I celebrate you all. Without you, I am alone. Alone is how people like me die.

We don’t do life by ourselves. Reachout and help each other. Life can be different.

Thank you all for showing me.



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