No Choice but to Recover

If I understand step one, I do not have the power of choice over alcohol. I have lost control in the moment and over time

-when I drink I cannot control the amount I take (Physical craving)
-when I try to stop I can’t stay stopped under my own power (Mental obsession)

-The spiritual malady
-Feeling of selfcentered fear, anger, uselessness, restlessness, irritability or discontentedness
-Not being centered or grounded, not having a solution for life, not belonging, not being connected, without direction, not feeling complete or whole

I cannot “choose” not to drink today
The power of choice, with regards to alcohol, does not exist, at certain times, for the real alcoholic
My last defense against the first drink must come from a Power Greater than myself

The “choice” becomes can I be willing, honest and open minded enough to recover?
Can I be in action?

I am not choosing “not to drink” today
Today I am choosing to work a rigorous program of action so that I can stay recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. To remain recovered I must be in recovery
I must DO the program of action:
And a Power Greater than myself

This way of life is not about avoiding alcohol or drugs
This way of life is about living so I don’t have to drink or use
It’s not the thought that counts, it’s the action we take

It works
We do recover



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