Group History
Complied by SeanD.
May 30, 2016

There Is A Solution (b.2008)

Circle Church
100 Erret Circle
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Saturdays, 8pm

If one is completely honset, THERE IS A SOLUTION was started in 2008 on two different resentments from a group of Santa Cruz AA’s, who were described by thier fellows as “Big Book Thumpers.”

One member recalls, “Central office would not put a meeting called the Primary Purpose Group, in the local meeting schedule because the bookstudy was using a non-AA approved study guide.  This led to two years of discussion, motions and basically an overhaul at Intergroup. The result of which was the creation of Intergroup’s bylaws and a disclaimer on the front of the meeting schedule.”

In the meantime, because this meeting couldn’t get on the schedule, several members of Primary Purpose Group decided to start 4 new literature meetings in one location, the Circle Church. One of these meetings was THERE IS A SOLUTION on Saturdays at 8pm.  It was started by 2 members, who wanted to use the format of the Hyannis, Massachusetts Group.

Thus, THERE IS A SOLUTION was born in January of 2008. One member spearheaded a Tuesday night step study and a meeting called, Back to Basics. A second member started a Thursday morning group, and another headed THERE IS A SOLUTION on Saturdays. The format was adopted by another member who had actually attended the original group in Hyannis, Massachusetts. THERE IS A SOLUTION is the only surviving group out of these 4 original meetings started in 2008.

Another resentment that led to the creation of this group, outside of not being listed in the area meeting schedule was detailed by a founding member, “When Thumpers Big Book Study was asked to leave the Camp Recovery Center in late 2007 for ‘coercion’ of clients (with steps and sponsorship).  It was decided that this group would ‘stick it’ to the Camp by starting four Big Book based meetings.”

After the Primary Purpose Group moved to Erret Circle, four literature-based meetings a week sprang up in the same room and continued for at least 2 years.

With the natural ebb and flow of meetings, three of the original four meetings no longer exist and THERE IS A SOLUTION remains as a reminder that healing, growth and change can come from resentment.

*This liquid group history was complied by a 2016 TiaS secretary who attended all four of the original literarure-based meetings at Circle Church starting in 2008. It is based on conversations with the founding members of each meeting as they remember the events. Any credible additions to this history can be submitted and included, with a group conscience at the regular monthly business meeting of THERE IS A SOLUTION on the last Saturday of the month.

~ S.D.


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