Happy 18th

My daughter,

It seems like only yesterday that I had to  wrestle you to comb the tangles out of your hair. Tears would trickle down your cheeks as I did my best to braid your wild locks. You would squirm and wiggle while I attempted to paint your tiny fingernails.

You have been a mature young woman for a little while, but now you are a legal adult. My youngest child turns 18 and graduates from high school, all in one fell swoop. I am in disbelief as I look at the person you have become.

Time has flown faster than I would have liked. I wish I could savor your youth just a little bit longer. Watching you grow continues to be a highlight of my life. I wait breathlessly to see what you will do next.

Your silliness and exuberance for life remind me to enjoy each moment exactly how it is. You glow when you speak, so much energy radiating from one person. Intelligent, witty and charming, you are one of the kindest souls I know. These are all things I would say even I wasn’t so lucky to be your father.

You are a gift born out of the union between the Sun and Moon. The brightest star in the sky, lighting up the darkest of nights. You are Hope, a symbol of change and possibility.

I see you struggle with this new transition and rite of passage. I am honored that our relationship is so strong that you chose to confide your fears and sorrow with me, as well as, your happiness and joy.

I know you are destined for great things no matter the path you take to get there. You make me proud each and every day. You have made fatherhood simple, and releasing you into the world is just a tiny bit easier, knowing who you are.

I will always be here to help you breathe life into your dreams. I see your heart, the kindness in your smiles and the passion through your tears. I know you are well prepared for all life has to offer.

I love you more,



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