Today you stand with an elite group of young men, all the best at what they do. You have earned your spot among the great.

As one of your biggest fans, I want to see you take first and smash the competition.
As your father, I want to see you qualify and hope the ride will never end.
As your friend, I want to see you get a personal record and run the fastest you have ever run.
As a man, I know you have already won and the victory is in all of your accomplishments.
As a human being, I know there is no such thing as failure as long as you do your best.

From what I see, the hurdles are as much about speed as they are about grace.
They are truly symbolic of getting over anything that life puts in front of you.
A clean start followed by stepping over each obstacle as they come.
Leaving each hurdle behind you as you keep your eyes fixed on the goal in front of you.

Today, you have one race. There is only now, this moment. Whatever happens will happen, your job is to always do your best. I know you will.

Be the leopard.
Devour your prey.

No one can take from you what is already your’s.

I will be watching.

Your fan,
   Your friend,
      Your father,



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