Is it you?

I get up and work 5 days a week minimum; you want me to take Saturday off so I do
I don’t drink or do drugs and don’t care if you do; as long as that isn’t what you live for
I am honest, trustworthy, silly and fun-loving; just like you are
I slow dance, hold hands and love a long kiss; you don’t mind PDAs
I open doors and pay for dinner; you want me to pick then complain you never get your way
I’m a flirt and grabby…Hey! You grabbed me back!
You punch my arm if my eyes wonder; even though you feel secure
I watch anything from Walking Dead, to Law and Order, to Arrow, to Forensic Files; you don’t channel surf once we decide on something
I dig superhero movies, chick flicks and a good mystery or action-packed blockbuster; but I can also read sub-titles
I am spiritual, not religious; you have faith and hope
I work to build a better me everyday; you actually like me for who I am today
You can be an heiress or just getting by, and you are still a queen; I’m not rich, I am not poor but I am a king
I wear boxer briefs; you only have one pair of granny panties
I am not hairy, I manscape; you trim, shave or wax…hopefully not your face
I am fit but not a meat head; you are my equal
I dress casual and care how I look; you always seem to look better than me, even in sweats…oh, and you own at least one skirt
I am confident; so are you
I get dirty, sweaty and still cleanup nice; you act girly, but are a tomboy at heart
I’ve been known to get a mani/pedi; your nails are always cleaner than mine
We sit next to another and laugh while we talk about other people; it’s all in fun, no judgement
I have big hands, so when I hold you, you feel protected; you don’t need me, you want me
I dish it out and I can take it; you are just as witty and sarcastic
I like to charm you with my silver tongue; you know I’m sincere at heart
You can play dumb; I know you are intelligent, even when you are pretending I’m right
I bite and nibble…once I get to know you; you scratch my back where I can’t reach
You stroke my arm without thinking about it; I rub your shoulders while you purr
I live in the Now, not yesterday or tomorrow; you’re present with your presence
You aren’t hung up on your past; I have dreams for what will be
I’m sensitive, yet rugged; you’re tough, but not afraid to cry
I cuddle; you steal the covers
I like to eat out; you can cook…we shop
I do dishes; we both put away
You shut down other guys when we are together; I make you feel as important as I am to you
I rescue and raise baby squirrels; you give me at least as much attention as your favorite pet
I know if you have kids they come first, at least I hope they do!
My kids already have a mommy, I will always be their dad
I can teach you to climb a tree with a saddle and ropes; you want to try even if you are scared
My mp3’s range from Arrowsmith to Eminem to Marvin Gaye to NWA…there’s big 80s, Pop, Reggae, Rap, Rock, just about any musical and there’s even a couple country songs; you sing along with me at the top of your lungs
I’d like to fall in love, but am tired of being walked on; we don’t step on each other, one day at a time

I know who I am
Who are you?


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