What’s for Dinner?

​I had been starving for so long I forgot what it felt like to be nourished and fulfilled.

I sustained myself on a diet of fear, anger and dishonesty. 

Choking down lies, feeding off of resentment, afraid I wouldn’t have the sustenance I needed to survive.

I treated life as a buffet, grabbing everything I thought I needed, leaving discarded scraps for those who hungered as much as me.

I made choices based on instant gratification, wanting just deserts without reading the menu.

The more I tried to stuff my gut, the more empty I felt.

Ravenous craving with an appetite for my own destruction, I became a glutton for misery.

Never satisfied, the pangs of famine brought me to my knees.

Emaciated and malnourished, my body began to consume itself.
I was dying.
Then, someone took time to show me how to live.

They shared their food with me in all its abundance.

They taught me what to eat and helped me find what I needed to fill the empty void inside of me.

I tasted hope and learned how to forage for it on my own. 

Today, I have enough to share with all who ache for real satisfaction.

If you are hungry, come feast with me and you will never be famished again.

~ S.D. 


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