Envy and Jealousy

​Envy and jealousy are  similar in meaning. Both are rooted in fear, but I don’t truly see them as synonymous. 
Envy implies a desire to possess something belonging to someone else. Envy is my fear of not getting what you already have.
Jealousy, in contrast, suggests a resentment that someone might take what I have. Jealousy is fear of loosing what I assume to be mine.
If I adopt the idea that  nothing in this Universe belongs to me and that my needs will be provided for no matter what, then jealousy and envy no longer have power over me. 
Possession of material things is a fleeting and momentary state. My attachment to control people, places and things create my fear. No-thing material exists solely for my benefit. I am a small piece of something much larger than I can possibly comprehend. I am part and parcel of all that is.
The things that truly matter  are intangible virtues. These qualities and attributes exist in limitless abundance for all to share. Things like Hope, Compassion, Truth, Honesty, Forgiveness and Love are immeasurable and inexhaustible.
When I treat all material things as a temporary gift without entitlement and practice spiritual principles, I am contented and satisfied with all that is.
And I am free.


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