​The tongue is as sharp as a sword and too often the mouth works faster than the brain. 

The gift of communication is one of the greatest treasures we share with one another. 

The ability to express one’s self verbally, or through writing; should be used to heal, not to harm.
I am guilty of: assumption, reacting with anger and fear, speaking out of turn, using words with the intention to punish and justify my actions, inappropriate and insensitive talk, breaking others down to make myself feel ‘better than’, dishonesty, not knowing, poor or no communication and simply not having the right words at the right time.
I seek to speak and write responsibly with accountability, integrity and love. 

I continue to falter and flail, but I strive to minimize, as well as repair, the damage I do with the words I choose.

Let me remember the weight of words and the power of pause.
I will pause before speaking.

I will meditate on what I write.

I will blend my thoughts with my feelings.

I will let inspiration and intuition flow through me. 

I will respond more with my heart and less with my brain.

I will listen more than I speak.

I will strive to understand rather than be ‘right.’

I will be kind, respectful and loving to all.

I will change.

I will grow.
I apologize when I fall short of the mark. 

Be patient with me as I am with you.

“Be quick to listen and slow to speak.”


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