Better Off Dread

​Son to trouble, out of Mama’s pain 

In ’68, I started the game

September the first day, the date of my birthday 

The same day my grandparents cursed me

The golden child, better of dread

Black by definition, in my heart in my head

Knowing who I am, but what will I be? 

The secret lives of JUST SeanD.

Rich man, poor man, begger man, thief,

Doctor, lawyer, Indian chief

I take a leap, a leap of faith

Freefall thru the air while I wait for fate

I try to fly but after the fall

Tuck and roll, still stand tall

Plant my feet cuz I’m down to earth

Then I harness the power of the spoken word

Is it what you say or how you say it?

What they play or how they play it?

Give me a chance, I’ll devour

The tasteless, blan, the bitter the sour

The meek, the mild, feel the call of the wild

As I set you free, JUST like a child

Start to smile and then say damn

Marched in like a lion, but you left like a lamb…

Son of a, son of, a son of a slave

My great grandfather was a runaway

They built a nation upon on his back

An amalgamation, red, white and black

Locked like a dread, on a plantation

Blood, tears and his perspiration

They took you, beat you, robbed you, raped you- 

Ain’t that America?

Enslaved by the free, since day one

They said wait till tomorrow, but tomorrow never come

Keep waiting for tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes 

JUST wait till tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes

A day away, but he couldn’t see

One way or another, he’d be free

The Emancipation Proclamation

Came too late to unite the nation

So we inherit the fight for civil rights

Help the women take back the night

A dream deferred will fester and rot

So I gave and got, from the haves to the have nots

Robin Hood,  misunderstood

Then one day local boy made good

Won’t get lost in the search for Glory

Betta off dread, that’s my people story

Betta Off Dread 



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